• Acena Beck
  • Dennis Clark
  • Lucas Deaton
  • Tom Elfers
  • Kim Glenn, Vice-Chair
  • Tom Haggard
  • Linda Hornsby, Secretary
  • Virginia Johnson
  • Faith Kemper
  • Merrick Krey
  • Natalie MacDonald
  • Elizabeth Mayberry
  • James Noll
  • Col Owens, Committee Chair (Cell: 513-300-3042)
  • Serena Owens
  • Terry Poindexter, Treasurer
  • Mary Ann Stewart
  • Thaddeus Walls

Executive committee members


The Kenton County Democratic Executive Committee is dedicated to helping good Democrats win local, statewide, and national elections.  Please help us in any way you can.


It's official - our new PERMANENT Democratic Party Headquarters is up and running!

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The Kenton County Democratic Party is a political organization in Kenton County, KY committed to electing Democratic candidates and promoting the policies and ideals of the Democratic Party.  To learn more about the Democratic Party's commitment to security, opportunity, and responsibility, read about our agenda here.

New NKY democratic headquarters!

Any amount is appreciated.  Please send your personal check to:

Kenton County Democratic Executive Committee
36 W. Pike Street
Covington, KY  41011-2308

Please include your name, address, employer and occupation.(Contributions to the Executive Committee are not tax-deductible.)

Overly’s main job will be to maintain control of the state House of Representatives, the last legislative chamber in the South still controlled by Democrats. Democrats have a 50-46 majority in the House. Special elections for four vacant seats are scheduled for March 8. If Republicans win all four, they would share power with Democrats until at least the November general election.

1/14/2016 - Gov. Beshear returns to law practice.  Click here to read article.

Located in the heart of Covington's revitalized business district, our new headquarters will serve as a meeting place, workspace, and public face for all the various Democratic organizations in Northern Kentucky.

This new office, which is made possible by the generous sustaining donations of dozens of local Democrats, has been a goal of our party for years - and we're very excited to see it come to fruition just in time for the vital 2015 elections.

1/12/2016 - KY House Committee OKs Felony Expungement Bill.  Click here to read article. 

1/16/2016 - Beshear seeks legislative action to fight sex crimes against children, vulnerable adults.  Click here to read article.  

NKY 1st Annual Democrats Awards Dinner - Click here for Google Map Directions and more information

The Kentucky Democratic Party Executive Committee unanimously elected Sannie Overly its new chairwoman Saturday. Overly is a state representative from Paris, KY and is chairwoman of the House Democratic Caucus, the first woman to ever hold that position. She was Jack Conway’s running mate during his unsuccessful bid for governor in 2015.

New Kentucky Democratic Party Chair

1/11/2016 - Unfortunately, KY is moving ahead to dismantle health care exchange.  Click here to read article.