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Col Owens, Former Chair

Chuck Gordon, Office Manager

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The Democratic Party of Kenton County works for the benefit of every citizen, regardless of race, religion, sexual identity or cultural heritage. We will fight for better jobs and fair pay for all; affordable healthcare for everyone; a high-quality, accessible education system; and a better future for our planet through clean energy and sensible environmental policies.  We believe  that the fight for a better world begins in our neighborhoods, cities, and our own county.  Click here to learn more about the Democratic Party's agenda.  

Executive committee members

The Kenton County Democratic Executive Committee is dedicated to helping good Democrats win local, statewide, and national elections.  Please help us in any way you can.


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You can register to vote online, find WHERE to vote, sample ballots, etc. on the Secretary of State website.  Click here to visit.

Chuck Gordon & 

Angela Crout-Mitchell

NKY Democratic HQ Hours of Business

Faith Kemper,


Liz Fossett

Josh Tunning, NKY Young Dems President, not pictured

Tom Elfers, Chair 

Terry Poindexter, Treasurer

The Executive Committee meets the 4th Wednesday of every month at Democratic Headquarters at 36 W. Pike Street at 7pm.  Meetings are open to the public.  

We currently have some vacant seats that need to be filled; if you would be interested in serving on the Executive Committee, please contact Tom Elfers at the NKY Democratic HQ Office at 859-982-9467 or

 Tom Elfers, Edgewood; Chair

 Kim Glenn, Ft. Mitchell; Vice Chair 
 Terry Poindexter, Covington; Treasurer 
 Elicia Elfers, Secretary 

 Acena Beck, Attorney of Counsel

 Chuck Gordon, Office Manager 
 Natalie MacDonald, Newsletter Editor
Faith Kemper
 Crystal Madaris
 Liz Fossett, Covington

 Angela Crout-Mitchell, Erlanger
 Virginia Johnson,Wilder; Women's Club President
 Merrick Krey, Erlanger 

 Col Owens, Ft. Mitchell

 June Dineen
 Buddy Wheatley, Covington

​ Josh Tunning, NKY Young Dems President
 Lucas Deaton, Independence

​ Alexis Gregorcyk, Edgewood

 Leo Calderon, Edgewood

​ Matt Reinhart, Independence

​ Daniel Langmeyer, Covington


Elicia Elfers, Secretary

Crystal Madaris

Lucas Deaton

Natalie MacDonald, 

​Newsletter Editor

The NKY Democratic HQ office is located at 36 W. Pike Street in Covington.  Telephone number is 859-982-9467.  Email is  Office hours are Wednesday from 10am to 8pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.  ​

Kim Glenn, Vice Chair 

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June Dineen

Be sure to visit the "News" page to view Candidate info for all the State House and U.S Fourth Congressional District candidates.

Any amount is appreciated.  Please send your personal check to:

Kenton County Democratic Party
P.O. Box 176665 
Ft. Mitchell, KY  41017

Please include your name, address, employer and occupation. (Contributions to the Executive Committee are not tax-deductible.)