Volunteer opportunities!

The Executive Committee meets the 4th Wednesday of every month at Democratic Headquarters at 36 W. Pike Street at 7pm.  Meetings are open to the public.

 Col Owens, Ft. Mitchell; Chair, 513-300-3042
 Kim Glenn, Ft. Mitchell; Vice Chair - Email:
 Terry Poindexter, Covington; Treasurer - Email:
 Linda Hornsby, Secretary
 Natalie MacDonald
 Serena Owen, Elsmere - Email: 
 Faith Kemper, Ft. Wright - Email:  
 Crystal Madaris
 Liz Fossett, Covington - Email:
 Jennifer Macht, Ludlow
 Angela Crout-Mitchell, Erlanger - Email: 
 Virginia Johnson,Wilder; Women's Club President; 

      Email: virginiajohnson2virginia@aol.com
 Merrick Krey, Erlanger - Email: 
 Dennis Clark, Independence - Email: 
 Erich Misner
 Tom Elfers, Edgewood; Office Manager - Email: 

 Sue May, Latonia; Asst. Office Manager - Email: nkydemsue@gmail.com
 Justin Ervin
 Steve Hoffman
 Chuck Eilerman, Covington - Email: 
 Buddy Wheatley, Covington  - Email: 
 Lucas Deaton, Independence - Email -
 Thad Walls, Young Dems President



Recurring Donations

Kentuckians can register to vote or update their registration using the state's online voter registration portal at GoVoteKY.com.  To register, a person must enter their name, Social Security number and birth date. As required by law, users must also provide their signature, digitally or via their driver's license.  The registrant's information is sent to their county clerk's office, which will process and approve each update or new registration and then send confirmation to the voter.  ​Take a look:  GoVoteKY.com

​​​JIM GRAY - Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate - Visit Jim's website:  http://grayforkentucky.com/

CALVIN SIDLE - Democratic Candidate for KY 4th CD - Visit Calvin's website:  http://www.calvinsidle.com/

LUCAS DEATON - Democratic Candidate for State Rep in the 64th District - ​Visit Lucas's website:  http://www.lucasdeaton.org/

​Read more about the candidates on the "News" page!

KCDP Facebook and Twitter

Any amount is appreciated.  Please send your personal check to:

Kenton County Democratic Party
P.O. Box 176665 
Ft. Mitchell, KY  41017

Please include your name, address, employer and occupation.(Contributions to the Executive Committee are not tax-deductible.)

The Kenton County Democratic Executive Committee is dedicated to helping good Democrats win local, statewide, and national elections.  Please help us in any way you can.

single Donations​

Rep. Dennis Keene, Rep. Arnold Simpson, and Nathan Smith

cordially invite you to a fundraising event in support of the Kentucky House Majority Democratic Caucus

See details on the "News" page


9/21/2016 - AG Loretta Lynch hears Ky's heroin heartbreak.  Read more

nky "stronger together" voter blitz oct. 1-2

Starting Tuesday, Sept. 6, our Democratic Party HQ will be open everyday, all day, from 11am until 8pm on weekdays, 10am until 6pm on Saturdays, and 12pm until 6pm on Sundays!  We have a lot of work to do from now until Election Day and we could use your help!  We have a real chance of keeping the White House, but we need to support Jim Gray and defeat Rand Paul for the U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky!  We have Calvin Sidle running for KY's 4th Congressional District, and Lucas Deaton running for State Representative in the 64th District.  Representative Arnold Simpson is up for re-election as well, so we have a whole slate of Democrats we have to make sure win in November.

So come join us and help us phone bank, canvass, write posts, whatever needs to be done to make sure our candidates win!  To volunteer at our new HQ at 36 W. Pike Street in Covington, contact Tom Elfers at 859-982-9467 or email nkydemhq@gmail.com.  

The Kenton County Democratic Party is a political organization in Kenton County, KY committed to electing Democratic candidates and promoting the policies and ideals of the Democratic Party.  To learn more about the Democratic Party's commitment to security, opportunity, and responsibility, read about our agenda here.

Executive committee members

Be sure to check out the "News" page and "Calendar" for all upcoming events and details on fundraisers.

HELPFUL Links to Websites and Facebook Pages

9/23/2016 - AG Andy Beshear responds to Supreme Court ruling.  Click here to see response.

9/22/2016 - Bevin’s mid-year cuts to universities were illegal, Kentucky Supreme Court says.  Read more.

We strive to make this website a place that is active, useful, helpful, and as up-to-date as humanly possible.  If you have any suggestions or ideas of what you would like to see on this website, please use the "Contact Us" link below to submit your feedback.  Thank you!

9/22/2016 - Erlanger Library expansion starts in October.  Read more.

9/21/2016 - Koch Bros. mailing state House ads in Kentucky.  Read more.

We are having a huge volunteer event that we're calling the "Stronger Together Voter Blitz".  Our goal is to knock on as many doors, and make as many phone calls as possible across Northern Kentucky.  Join us for 12 hours of chaotic, energized, frenzied, fun, focused activity … all for the benefit of our wonderful Democratic candidates: 
Hillary Clinton, Jim Gray, Calvin Sidle, Dennis Keene and Lucas Deaton!
Make room in your schedule now in Boone, Kenton and Campbell Counties.  

Saturday shifts begin at 10am and 12pm; free beer and coneys (provided by our friends at Covington Chili) at 2pm; Sunday shifts begin at 12pm and 2pm; free beer and pizza at 4pm. Please arrive a few minutes before your shift for material and instructions.

If you are willing to help, please let Sue May know by Thursday, September 29th by calling 859-409-5460 or email her at NKYDemSue@gmail.com.

Clinton / Kaine Yard Signs are now available!  We are asking a $5 donation to help offset cost to the campaign.  Stop by the office at

36 W. Pike Street to pick up yours or call 859-982-9467 to make arrangements for pickup or dropoff.  Bumper stickers also available.

9/23/2016 - Bevin blasts Supreme Court, university presidents.  Read more

Did you Know you can register to vote online?

Do you need a ride to your polling place on Election Day, Nov. 8th?  Never fear!  Just give us a call at the NKY Dem HQ at 859-982-9467 and we'll make arrangements for you to have a ride to your polling place to vote!  

9/22/2016 - Major anti-heroin effort coming to Louisville.  Read more